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Exit Path


Are you running for your life in your way because this Exit Path game is full of traps that can kill you. You Running a blue garbage man. To go right or left arrow keys, you can use the D pad. Up arrow keys or W to jump, you can use the down arrow key or S key to bend slider. When you lean while running man begins to slip. But as time slows down and stops. Passing through a narrow hole for it, take your speed hole longer need to start at the last moment bent shift. Or you can stop before you get to the hole. Your goal is to move as soon as sections. Giant axes swinging your way, there is a sharp rotating impellers. If any one of them until you die fragmentation. Also, you should also pay attention to the cliff where you can drop dead. You need transportation to the point of killing the man on the far right of the screen. You must act carefully and quickly for it. When you are constantly on the move is starting to fill up a sign at the top of the screen. The moment you stop indicator begins to discharge again. If you hold down the key indicator when it expires Space man gaining too much speed. After a while, returning to its original speed. Keys: Arrow keys or W, A, S, D: Action | Space: Extra acceleration.