Faster Than Zombies

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Faster Than Zombies

Faster Than Zombies


Once, an evil doctor came up with a virus that suddenly spread and turned ordinary people into Faster Than Zombies. On Earth, a real zombie apocalypse began. Aidan and Jackie – ordinary kids who were riding on the school bus, but at one point, the bus was hit by a missile. The children survived and now their task is to flee to be saved. They must find the antidote to prevent the zombies from turning them into their own kind. In the game “Zombies Faster Than” you have to choose one of the players: a boy or a girl Jackie Aidan. After choosing a hero, the game begins. Can you run faster than a zombie? If not, they will catch up with you and bite you. So, your hero runs on his own, and you can control his jumps, which you need to perform at the right time. With the help of jumps you will be able to jump over different obstacles, namely: cars, garbage bins, kennels with dogs, curbs and so on. Zombies run pretty fast, so you need to run even faster to get away from them. In each level you are given 3 lives. Run forward, constantly jumping over obstacles and collect food and energy drink on your way, this will replenish your energy supply. Using the collected energy, you can accelerate, but not for long. On the way, you can go to the stores to buy useful things. Run as fast as you can and maybe you can escape from the zombies and stay alive.

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