Kawairun 2

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Kawairun 2

Kawairun 2


Kawairun 2 is a massively multiplayer online game with tons of features and settings. Compared with the first part, the game has become even more interesting and exciting. As before, you need to run ahead and demonstrate all your skills, namely: jump, slide, somersault and even fly. The game has an online mode, which means that you have the opportunity to play with other players. The mode for two is now possible not only with a friend on one computer, but also with other players from around the world. Registering in the game, gives you a lot of bonuses. Accumulating experience, you raise the level, earn and buy new costumes and improvements. All this is stored on the game server and stored on your account. You just enter your login and password, in order to access your character at any time. Also, the game has 2 main modes, this campaign and survival. In the campaign mode, you have to go through 6 levels. Each level is a separate location, such as: a village, caves, a factory and others. On each terrain of your hero expect different obstacles. Small obstacles you can jump over, big ones – fly, slip under high and smash different objects with the help of somersaults. Also, on the way you can pick up some bonuses, such as: acceleration, flight or shield. Ready to run to “Kawai Run 2”? Try to run as far as possible and open up new territories! Compete against other players on-line, earn money and buy different cool little things in the store. Good luck!

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